What a year you’ve been.

This year has held some of my most incredible & memorable moments to date. I traveled to 12 different countries, 16 destinations & countless hours spent up in air. I’ve created dear friendships, strengthened my past relationships, learned so much about myself- although, still learning-, lost some people along the way as well, and endured some personal struggles, but moving forward with each experience as a learning process & lesson. This year came with its monumental highs and sprinkled with its lows, but that’s the thing about this life, the unexpected will arise, but you ultimately hold the reigns to your life- your drive, decisions, passion,& perspective rule everything at the end of the day. I hope you all choose happiness and wishing you all the best in the new year. & thank you guys for keeping up with me on this journey. So thankful for each & every one of you.

Take a page out of 2016 with me. Also, for those of you who haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel, make sure to do so to stay in touch with your girl. I’ll be posting more frequently this year. As always, share your thoughts with me below

Also, one of the most memorable moments of 2016, shooting an international commercial for the L’Oreal Colorista Hair dyes alongside these beautiful individuals & my bestie Francis. *I could not take my eyes off Barbara Palvin.

Love you all

xx EVL

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