Find me in the latest July/August issue of Modeliste Magazine alongside my beautiful creatures Janice Joostema, Alex Centomo, Luanna Perez, & Catherine BelleAs I mention in the interview, one of my favorite elements to these trips are meeting these girls from different parts of the globe. You’re surely familiar with some of these leading females.

I’ve been obsessed with Janice since I came across her on Instagram. Naturally. It’s always the best to finally meet people IRL after being acquainted with their online presence for so long. Literal angel on earth, inside & out. She’s one of the sweetest (& hilarious) individuals I’ve met thus far and it’s the most pleasant surprise when it turns out this way. Don’t even know where to begin on her beauty- still shook.

I’ve been following Luana for years. I believe I  first discovered her in NYLON and she’s one of the first bloggers on the map. A cool grunge city aesthetic that she claims alongside her signature gradient locks.

This is my 3rd trip with Alex & Cath, and I’m pairing them together because their BFF friendship reminds me of myself & Fran. Girl power to the T. They’re such a sweet pair, a bit of yin & yang.

We stayed at UNICO in Riviera Maya. An adults-only, all inclusive resort. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Now, shall we flip through the glossy.

  1. Lisa

    27 July

    Gorgeous as ever in your spread ~<3

    • Ellen V Lora

      28 July

      Thank you Lisa! XX

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