How is everyone doing into their 2nd week of the new year? I hope everyone has managed to entirely bounce back from the limbo that is the holiday season and the arrival of the new year. Isn’t that such a strange time, when Christmas has passed, but we’re sitting in between those days where we’re like what day is it, who am I, why did I eat so much, just, what. The holidays are always an interesting time because almost everyone is off the clock, so emails are on recess, work has temporarily ceased, and the streets are quiet. It’s nice for a quick second, but then I’m like okay, I want/need to go back to work. I enjoy being busy and sometimes like that feeling of being a bit overwhelmed with a dash of chaos as work comes in. When it comes to both food and life, is it ever really a bad thing to have too much on your plate?

EVL is temporarily not on the run, and have been home since the holidays and I’m getting antsy ya’ll. I need to leave for the next destination, next inspiration station- that just rolled off the tongue, I had to. Which brings us to today: I just booked New York Fashion Week, London Fashion Week & Milan Fashion Week! It’s going to be madness of the best kind. I’m so excited guys. This would be my first fashion weeks for all 3 locations! If you guys have any recommendations for places to visit, places to dine* & beyond let your girl know.

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My favorite colors are black & red, and I’m apparently just black & white in the sense that I just wear my favorite things. Simply put, I like what I like. I got this sweater from Pull & Bear while I was in Barcelona for a 2 day shoot with L’Oreal Paris. Fran and I had an hour or so before we had to head to the airport, so we popped into a shopping center across the street from our hotel and got this sweater to wear on my flight. I’m such a huge germaphobe and especially on flights since it’s just a breeding ground for germs. I’m going somewhere with this, I swear. So, since airplanes aren’t sanitary, I usually try to wear hoods so my head doesn’t touch the seat headboard. That’s how this sweater and I came to be.

Moving onto this look. Sequins and bold statements aren’t just reserved for special occasions. I styled this Blessed are the Meek skirt in two ways in the next two posts. The long hoodie brings a relaxed & street look with a contrast from the texture and cut of the skirt. Try swapping the sequins for leather for a another killer look.


I love the rose embellishments, the elongated sleeves and the long hemlines. Vetements leading the pack with oversized sweaters and silhouettes. My next investment pieces, but check out the alternatives below as well along with the links:

1.  Stylenanda   2. Pull & Bear   3. Missguided   4. LPA   5. Vetements

photography by Azusa Takano



  1. Lyla

    14 January

    where can we buy blessed are the meek clothing? do they have a website?

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