My guide of London, alongside some tips. Plus my collected memories along the way.

Falling in love with places over faces. This fact holds ever so true when it come to London. There’s something about this city that I can’t quit and keep coming back for more. Like a lover. This is my 3rd time in this city and there’s still so much to discover.

After my New York leg of the trip with Francis and Eugenie, we decided to jump seas to the UK. What a ride it was to get here. Long story short, Francis forgot her passport back home in LA, so Eugenie and I had to carry  on without our boo, and took on London as EVL & EG. Our stories don’t quite end there. EG and I were supposed to end our trip with Milan for our final 5 days in the UK & Europe- but when we woke up the morning of our flight, as we were about to request our Uber to Heathrow, we both turned to each other and said we’re not ready to leave London. One of us jokingly said let’s miss our flight. A couple of giggles later, the plane to Milan took off with two empty seats.

Unexpected moments make the best memories. Absolute no regrets extending our London stay. Sometimes breaking from the agenda is the move. One of my best trips to date. Since both of us had been to London several times, we skipped a majority of the touristy spots and did as the locals did.

The only exception to lingering in the past is when it’s of memories like these. Already looking forward to another 2017 trip back to this gem of a place.


I love getting lost in foreign places. It’s the best way to explore and familiarize with the fresh cityscape. Surprises at every corner. This was taken somewhere in Shoreditch. Eugenie & I stayed at the Hoxton Shoreditch in East London for our first couple nights in London, otherwise known as the urban playground. This part has a great vibe and is bubbling with creatives. This hotel is quite curated from it’s vintage radios, leather headboards, dark oak accents & lush potted plants. Restoration Hardware meets Silverlake. They are fully stocked with VITA COCO coconut water downstairs and they bring complimentary yogurt & banana to your room every morning. Nice little touch because that’s my jam.


Soon after, we moved hotels to The Great Northern Hotel with my good friend Jane. This hotel is a modern & elegant boutique hotel with a homey feel. It almost felt like a model home. The rooms are luxe and spacious. Clean white tiled restrooms with floor length mirrors. They have a great restaurant downstairs called Plum + Split Milk, which we ate breakfast at every morning. Did I mention it’s complimentary for 2, boo. Also, for those slower mornings, you can get it brought it up your room for a small service fee, so opt for this option in the morning over room service. Also, this hotel is right outside the King’s Cross Station so it’s so convenient when heading out for the day, plus the Eurostar train is at this station as well.


A powder pink velvet heaven with rose gold accents. This destination is an experience. I was under the impression that they had this single pink room, but they have 3 different rooms designated to afternoon tea & dining. This being the main room, it gets booked 2-3 months out, so plan ahead.

individual restroom pods. out of this world.


This was really exciting for me (& Fran in spirit!). Last year around this time of year, we shot a campaign with L’Oreal Paris in which we were on the boxes. This was back when I had my lavender locks & Fran her pink. My box retails in the states, but Fran’s is only sold in the UK & Europe, so when I walked into Boots and saw our boxes together it felt like I was seeing my box all over again for the first time. Also, Eugenie & I were crossing the street on Piccadilly Circus and also spotted ourselves. Unreal & super cool moment. Check out my box here!



I can actually say this is one of best restaurants I’ve dined in at. The food was impeccable, it was art. Plus the attention to detail they’ve taken with every inch of this place- from the interior decor, aesthetic, & presentation. This place is a must. This was the only accounted photo as we were too busy indulging. Try the Savoury Oats + Mushroom, Truffle Tagliatelle, Salted Caramel Donuts, Pears +Pistachio + Chocolate Saffron.

Found ourselves on Carnaby Street all too often. The first night we ran into a stranger, now turned friend, Yakir and ended up a Cirque Le Soir a couple nights. Also, around the corner on Regent street, there is Liberty London, which is an Eastern bazaar-esque department store that houses international brands at are currently & have been on our radar such as Acne, J.W. Anderson, Kenzo, Le Labo, Diptyque, and also some native UK brands. A so called “resort of the artistic shopper” this store is alluring from its entrance. This area is great to check out and the exterior of this building is mock-Tudor building preserved from its opening.

Guilty of judging a book by its cover. The mini sushi boxes are all so alluring. Also, sometimes it’s safe to judge a book by its cover.

Tastes as amazing as it looks. Tucked away on a little street in a part of town I had never ventured to, but it was worth while.





On a rainy day in London, we passed the time at Tate Modern. It’s a contemporary museum with abstract -very abstract art- and interesting installations. I love visiting museums, so it was a perfect for Eugenie & myself. Another great museum is The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square in Westminster. As the name entails, it’s a spacious square with great bites, plus a picturesque fountain. You can also break off into any direction and find something to do since it’s right in central London.


from photo 1 to 2: hyped to try this, then quickly realizing the unthinkable amount of sugar in this.

I. love. cereal. At any time of the day. So this spot was calling my name. They have rows & rows of cereal boxes stacked from floor to ceiling. Some familiar brands like Lucky Charms, but a handful I’ve never heard of. You can pick your type of milk (whole, almond, banana, chocolate, etc), then your cereal, then your toppings which range from chocolate varieties, animal crackers, to marshmellows & the list goes on. It was a bit overwhelming for me, so I chose a popular item from the menu known as ‘Unicorn Poop.’ I mean I have a sweet tooth, but this place is next level. Man, now I want cereal.

Transit tip

The easiest & cheapest way to get navigate the city is by the tube, which is their underground train system. You can get an Oyster card and top it off as you go. The tube can essentially take you anywhere in central London. Although, if you have luggage, I’d advise you to take an Uber (or the taxis dependent on how much luggage you have since it’s fairly spacious, but it does cost a bit more than an Uber). The tubes tend to get crowded during rush hour, plus they have flights of stairs to & from ground level with a scarcity of elevators.

If you’re reading this, you’ve powered through. This was one of my longest posts. I hope you guys enjoyed it because I’ve enjoyed reliving one of my favorite cities.

But London, were you cold. My head is wandering off to a warmer destination.

With that said, I have Morocco & Mexico on the horizon. Excited is an understatement. Then it’s already that time of year- Coachella awaits.


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