As the saying goes, Paris is always a good idea. Still one of my favorite places after years & many countries later. There is a certain air of magic & romance that resonates in this city. This city is breathing art. This is my 3rd time in Paris & it grows on me with each passing trip. Another leg of my European tour back in late May.

For 2017, I currently only have 1 abroad trip planned thus far, but I need to head back to this bustling city. The past year, even couple of months, my style is ever changing so it’s interesting to see my perspective from months ago & to relive the memories with a fresh set of eyes.

Memories from my second time in Paris this year.

Late October on a project with L’Oreal with my boo, Fran.

  1. Linda

    30 December

    Such beautiful photos!

    Typically Linda || Instagram

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