Hi guys, first off, I hope you all are staying on top of your physical and mental health, staying virtually connected with loved ones and keeping your spirits high at this time.

This is a strange, strange time for us. We’ve never experienced anything like this, but we are all on this together. Not just you & me, but humanity as a whole, and we’ll get through it together. This too shall pass & I’m sending you guys lots of love!

But during the meantime while we’re in quarantine, I made a list of my at home slash work from home essentials. Now more than ever, health is important so I’ll be covering 1. my supplements 2. my at-home workout equipment.

These the supplements I’m currently taking along with my wholefoods diet. It’s important that we stay healthy and keep our immune systems strong at this time. click images to shop! or linked under image! x

to boost immune system:

vitamin c:

daily immune support:

women’s daily multivitamin:

Also, for mental clarity and physical health as well, exercising is a major key. I have a fairly active lifestyle and workout at least 3 times a week or every other day- my workouts when we weren’t on lockdown included hot yoga, mega reformer pilates, hiit classes and circuit training. BUT just because we’re on lockdown doesn’t mean we can’t exercise. Here are some things I ordered this week to keep me active indoors. (Also, I live in an apartment and want to be mindful of my neighbors downstairs so I’ve been doing exercises that don’t require jumping). But I also need to sweat, so I’ll also workout at our communal outdoor space when no one else is using it!

my at-home exercise equipment:

resistance bands

yoga mat with sling

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