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My sneaker game has been elevated, while my feet have been feeling elated. True to its name, the Nike Joyride Run Flyknit sneakers feel like walking on cloud. The sneakers have 10,000 tiny foam beads in the sole which conform to your foot for the ultimate cushioning. The beads compress and adapt to your every step for impact absorption.

The Joyride are designed for runners at all levels and to make running feel easier. I’m not typically a runner, but I recently discovered that Nike hosts runs and went on a roughly 2-mile run near The Grove in LA. It gathered runners at all levels and your girl is not typically a runner, but these shoes encourage people like myself to actually enjoy running.

The Joyride sneakers have a bounce with each step and help your legs feel fresh mile after mile.

Guys, running can be fun, and that’s a big statement coming from me. This dynamic shoe shifts and conforms to your foot for maximum support & performance.

These foams beads compress and adapt to your every step for better impact absorption. There are 10,000+ beads in these shoes. I love the versatility of these shoes because they can transcend different looks & occasions. Since these have personalized cushioning support, these can be worn all day every day. Even though I’m constantly wearing sneakers, I find that my feet still get sore at the end of a long day- especially when I travel & I’m clocking in around 15,000+ steps a day.

Now from the streets to the gym. I do a colorful range of exercises, and I make sure to always include cardio- whether it be running, kickboxing or bootcamp. Sometimes when I’m running on level 10 on the treadmill at Barry’s Bootcamp, my feet take a lot impact from the pounding & sprinting, but the Joyride sneakers not only provide personalized cushioning and support, but also responsively bounce back to propel you forward, plus has impact absorption. These are designed for every runner at every stage.

The Nike Joyride sneakers are the ultimate personalized comfort shoe.

Thank you to Nike for partnering with me on this project. Full look from Nike.

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