Photo Nov 30, 4 53 16 PM

HBIC suit.

Suit for the modern bad female. I’m also digging the vintage vibes of this piece. I feel like it could be a potential revived piece from my mom’s pre-Ellen wardrobe. In instances like this I’m glad fashion history recycles itself. The key features to this piece have to be its plunging neckline & lapels and the lengthened, but fitted sleeves. The bonus feature for me is the fact that its shorts- if you haven’t noticed, your girl hates being in pants. Hates a strong word, but it’s also very accurate in this case. Find me in shorts or skirts about 97% of the time. Underneath this blue striped goodness is where the fun starts. I recently came across the Australian label, Kisskill & I’m madly in love. I’m wearing their Tiah choker bra here. The face that it has a choker attached to the bra is brilliant. Thanks for coming into my life. It’s black, it’s laced, it chokes. It’s  a keeper. Do yourself a favor, or do your man a favor and peep the collection.

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Young Hungry Free romper / KissKill bra / Regal Rose earrings / Lack of Color hat / TUK Footwear creepers / Photography by Jeff Fernandez

  1. Lily

    4 December

    I love the colour, it’s really deep. I’m not a huge fan of clothes that show the leg, but this one looks so beautiful. Your pictures are perfect. I’m also loving your hair colour so much.
    Lily xx

  2. That romper is bad ass! It can be dressed up or down, which is really neat. Great find.

  3. So-young M.

    5 December

    Holy shit, this is SOOOOO FIERCE…. from head to toe!!!
    Glad to see you posting again! xD

  4. Ewa

    7 December

    I love your style!

  5. Jessica

    16 December

    Cute look! I’m digging that romper!
    ➳ Jessica

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