Revisiting the island.

5 days, 11 people, 1 roof. Bug bites being the only case of drama. Recapping my island adventures with my Vampped family x San Lorenzo Bikinis. This was my first time in Hawaii & it couldn’t have gone better. Made amazing memories with a group of beautiful folks. I think I knocked off almost everything I wanted to do while I was there- with the exception of shark diving & sky diving because that island weather be bi-polar. Also got to kick off my 25th cruising on a boat on the islands of Waikikiiiiiiii. Wait, & the gracious bugs of Hawaii bit me for each year I’ve been on this planet. Came home with 25+ bug bites on my legs alone. My legs are a vision. But bugs aside, Oahu was lovely. Being surrounded by lush greens & pastel sunsets were dreamy. P.S. Francis & I have a YouTube video coming your way of this trip so keep your eyes peeled for that too! – xx EVL

We all need somebody to lean on. Catching zzz’s before landing on the island.Landed to this view. Sunset chasers.En route to kayaking. Kayaked to the islands behind us. It was lolanlora versus the waves.Saucin’Photo Sep 16, 4 25 54 PMTouched down on the island & hopped into this blue lagoon with goddess Reese. She’s a vision, I know. Took us a couple shots to get this. Here’s the struggle before. Paddleboarding through the most picturesque river. At one with my phone.Hike through lush greens to a waterfall.Mother nature is so amazing.Get lost.Saucin’ again. Shot by Mat Abad. When the clock struck 12 on September 16. Best. Cake. Ever. #happyellenSpent my birthday on a boat in the next best thing to my birthday suit.New found respect for those who can gracefully stay afloat. Ladies of Vampped.Nights like this.

  1. Jason

    29 September

    Sounds wavy…

  2. Jason

    29 September

    For sure women want something special while out there on their water ventures …..
    Splendid birthday trip with friends who share the magical moment only nature can control leaves
    these animals ready for more fun…
    Belated gift from
    Whales on the blow hole create a light mist , pushing turtles in the air, falling in a rhythm creating heart shaped crests.. (Thumper and Plunge)
    Flying fish on the high flaps and arching a synchronized splash! (Crickets of the sea)
    Dolphins screech Eh-eh-eh while dancing under the sea….gull. #ariel

    Happy Quarter Century

  3. sandy

    30 September

    you two are seriously bff goals<3

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