Stepped out of my usual shooting tendencies and shot a studio session with my photographer pal Kent Avery. We shot under various types of lighting and experimented with these settings. Also, I typically shoot under ‘cooler’ temperatures, as in more blue hues and white backgrounds, but we strayed from that on this set and shot on a dusty yellow backdrop. The saturated hues were a fun change from the usual.

Also, a little update on my piercings- there never seems to be a dull moment with them. Some of you may or may not know, but I had my labret (under the lower lip) pierced. It’s a small & subtle piercing and a lot of people don’t even know I have it. Anyways, this past weekend, I accidentally got it caught on something and pulled it, but out only half way, and the ball + rod was stuck in my lip. Lovely right. It was uncomfortable if anything, and I had to get it surgically cut out on Monday. I never seem to learn my lesson with surface piercings. I also had a monroe piercing in my teen years. Then I got 2 dermal piercings on my collarbone, not 1 but 3 times because they too got pulled out. A bit cringeworthy. I think I might take a break from them. Let’s give a couple months.

Topshop bralette & trousers / Opening Ceremony boots / Acne Studios shoes

photography by Kent Avery

  1. zoë

    18 January

    love you blog!

  2. dannie

    19 January

    hi ellen!
    totally irrelevant & random but what eyebrow product and shade color do you use?

    btw you are perfect and literally goals. *heart eyes*
    love how you did something different & messed around with warmer tones this time <3

    • Ellen V Lora

      26 January

      Hi Dannie! All good girl, I welcome random. I use the Benefit Kabrow in dark brown to black (warm). Aw thank you!! Yes I wanted to experiment & I dig it too! XX

  3. Lyla

    31 January

    Hi Ellen, where’s your black blazer jacket from? It’s so stylish.

    • Ellen V Lora

      4 February

      Hi Lyla! I got it in Korea. It’s just an oversized black blazer. There are similar ones at Zara & Topshop! X

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