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Here we are. It’s 2016. Time to start setting new goals and start a new chapter of our lives, but before we turn the page, let’s revisit this past year.

Happy New Year! Every year I think this, and I think we can all relate when I say this past year has flown by. 2015 has been an landmark year for me. It’s been one of the most eventful, unforgettable & insane years of my life. I’ve done & seen things that I would’ve only dreamed of before. Moments where reality was indeed even stranger than my dreams, but only in the best way possible. I’m grateful for every person that I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had & I’ll carry them well into 2016 & beyond. I’ve become friends with people I used to look up to, created new friendships and have made lasting bonds with those closest to my heart. This year I’ve learned so much about myself and am growing into the person I want to be. This was my ‘yes’ year where I kept an open mind  and open heart in every aspect of my life and welcomed new things and experiences. Done things I would’ve never done in the past. It was quite liberating. I always say you only regret the things you didn’t say or do. Many of you don’t know this about me, but I studied Theatre & Film at the University of Southern California from 2008-2012 & people were skeptical about me choosing to go into blogging rather than a stable career out of college. I’m so glad I took the risk and created the job I wanted. It’s a blessing we have the capacity to shape our own futures. Given all this comes with risks, if you truly want something & work towards a goal with relentless drive, right intentions and a plan then you’re headed the right way. A positive attitude, a kind heart, and persistency go a long way. Always be proactive and edit your life, because it’s your own life after all.

Before I begin this entire recap, I just wanted to thank you guys for tuning in & letting me be a part of your lives. Even though we’ve never met in real life, it’s incredible the impact you guys have in my life. You are a huge part of why I am able to do the things I do & am where I am today. So thank you again, I love you guyths & am grateful for this URL relationship we got going. Hopefully we can meet IRL someday too.

I started my blog in April of 2014, but this year the ball really got rolling with the Chris Brown & Tyga’s ‘AYO’ music video directed by the talented Colin Tilley. Francis & I got booked together & we royally freaked out. Okay okay, so don’t blink because you might miss us in the video, but still, it was a cool moment for us.

[wpvideo axmf1IPB]

Through this video, we linked up with Colin and he booked us again as 2 of the female leads for the Carnage ‘I Like Tuh’ music video. We drove out to Vegas & filmed for two full days. Fran & I were armed, bad-bitch drug lords. We had to act for the first time on camera and it was initially nerve wracking but it actually turned out to be a lot of fun & we really got into it. Didn’t even know Fran & I had that thug in us (so don’t cross us).

[wpvideo mB4jhiR6]

Fast forward a couple of months to Coachella. Fran & I were sent to cover the festival with Young & Reckless & had one of the best weekends ever. It was my 3rd year attending the festival, but it topped the past years. It was just me & my girl and since we went the 2nd weekend, we didn’t attend any parties, just the festival, but I don’t think we would’ve wanted it any other way. Don’t remember sleeping too much, but do remember being high on life- amongst other things- lots of laughter, singing (mainly Lean On by Major Lazer) & dancing. Can’t wait for April to roll around to do it all over again.


Going from 24 to 25, I spent my birthday in Hawaii with my Vampped family. Earlier this year, I signed with the wonderful human being that is Lindsey, my manager & also lady in charge at Vampped. They got me the best birthday cake ever. They couldn’t fit “birthday” so just wrote “Happy Ellen” and we couldn’t stop saying it. With birthday cake all over our faces we danced (we apparently dance a lot) for hours then all ran into the night ocean. Twas a trip to remember. Catch our vlog of the trip here:

[wpvideo QyXdBNw7]

This past August, the Lola x Lora x MYVL line was released. We had been working on this line since October of 14′ & it came to life this year. We had full creative control from the concepts, designs to the lookbook. Click here to browse the collection &  join our #lolanlora tribe.

Through a good friend of ours Danny Mahoney, otherwise known as DMahoneyphoto we met Diplo, who is up to date still my favorite producer and DJ. & The rest is history. Hello endless unforgettable summer nights. Also hello CL. Hello queen. Peep our cameo below:

[wpvideo IDaeduy3]

One of the greatest moments of 2015 was when Fran & I got news that we had booked a job with Maybelline Tokyo, to represent them at Tokyo Fashion Week. I was ecstatic. Tokyo has been on top of my destinations list and the fact that business and pleasure were fusing together for this trip was an absolute dream come true. One of the best places on Earth, and I’m not overselling it. It was my first time at fashion week and it was the best way to pop my cherry. Also, we shot a spread for the Numero Tokyo January issue that is out on stands now! Catch a glimpse of our trip below:

[wpvideo MxA122Rz]

More tids & bits:
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New year, new you. Not necessarily true, just a better version of you going into 2016 with a fresh & replenished mentality. It’s funny how entering a new year marks a completely new chapter of your life, even though it’s just a night’s sleep just like any other night. Now facing 2016 with an open heart, refreshed palette & enlightened mind from what I’ve learned this past year. Challenge yourself this year, let go of your fears, say & do what you want, stay humble, enjoy the little things and dream with your eyes open.

2015, I loved you. 2016 I’m ready for you.


  1. Kit Querubin

    2 January

    Cheers to you and Fran. Will absolutely pray for your dreams. And, I promise to keep in touch.
    You inspire me, you inspire us, your readers/followers. Love you as always Ms. Ellen.
    Sending you love and happiness

    x Kit (@kitqstar), from PH.

  2. Your year has been amazing! I love following all your adventures on Instagram and on your blog. I hope 2016 is full of more opportunities and adventures!

  3. so happy for you!

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