Walking on energized air in the Nike Air Max 270 React. This sneaker Nike’s first lifestyle Air shoe, and is the combination of the iconic Air Max and the React Presto (and one of my personal favorites). From my fashion fits to travel fits, the AM 270 React has been my latest go-to. It’s the best of both worlds, with the radiating Nike Air silhouette and the exceptional midsole cushioning of the Nike React. Inspired by art movements of the last century, the 6 colorways embody color & textures from Mid-Century and Bauhaus eras.

My favorite feature is the floating eye aesthetic in the bright violet heel. It’s pretty fire right. The Air Max 270 React is truly a visual statement, and I’m all for it. I’ve also admired the arts and the fact that this shoe pays homage to it and was created with art movements in mind gives the sneaker depth beyond the final product. Each colorway brings a different story.

But also, what also matters is what’s on the inside right? The AM 270 Reactis super comfortable and makes a great daily shoe (hence why I’ve been wearing it day in & day out if you’ve caught me on my stories) because of the cushioning and air technology. It really puts a bounce in your step.

A shoe that propels you up & forward.

This post was in partnership with Nike.

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