IMG_5653A spread by C-Heads Magazine.

A fun shoot & interview Francis & I did during our weekend in New York a couple of months ago. We met on a brisk morning & shot these photos as we explored our block. The faux fur came in extra handy in the chilling east coast weather. Here are some photos that didn’t make the cut. Speaking of cuts, Francis trusts me with her hair. So you know it’s real. Peep the photos below, then peep into our brains & catch the full interview here.IMG_5422IMG_5156IMG_5587IMG_5626IMG_5275IMG_5518IMG_5546.

  1. Linda

    11 February

    Beautiful girls! Just LOVE the hair color so much!

  2. rebekka

    22 February

    I hope thats not real fur

  3. biRi

    24 June

    The hair is everything!!

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