Hi. Hello. Welcome. It’s been so long. What’s happening. What’s happened.

It was about high time we reconnected here. Due to a complete fault on my part on neglecting my page for quite some time. But I’m back. Back to posting my outfits, my trips & tips, and essentially whatever strikes my fancy (or yours). So how have you guys been!!! Needless to say, a lot has happened since I’ve written last. I am currently still working on my 2017 round up video. I was on the fence about putting it together, since we are already half way into the 2nd month of 2018. But, 2017 was so eventful and I did vlog quite a bit along the way, so it’s comin.

In the meantime, let’s talk about androgynous looks & taking a chapter out of the “boyfriend’s ” tee look. The air quotes were necessary. I often shop in the men’s section, but also love how trends have shifted to looser silhouettes and unisex fits. Styled in a full head-to-toe The Kooples look (who’s also having an extra 20% off sale at the moment) in a fully-buttoned striped shirt, trousers, and the Emily bag (in collaboration with Emily Ratajkowski). I typically like to button my blouses all the way up, because issa vibe, but also I can safely say all my favorite blouses from The Kooples are flattering this way. But if I’m in the mood, I lose the buttons. Also, as a reference point, I wear a size small in The Kooples tops. Gave this look a feminine & risqué touch to it by wearing a lace Yasmine Eslami bra underneath. Peep it below.

The Kooples top / The Kooples bag / The Kooples trousers / Yasmine Eslami bra

Photography by Azusa Takano

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