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Let’s catch up.

Hello everyone! Look who decided to show up. I’ve got a knack for running late (a habit I try to kick with the start of every new year) and it looks I’ve done the same to my blog.

I’m long overdue, but I’m back and excited to connect with you guys on here. I’ve missed writing, I’ve missed you guys, I’ve missed it all. Your girl doesn’t even know where she last left off with you guys, but a great deal of exciting things have happened in between. I recently got back from what I like to call a European teaser trip. I tackled 6 countries in a matter of 2 and a half weeks, so it was a tasting palette if you will. A blog post & vlog is in line for that so stay tuned for that!

I have a couple of outfit posts that have been in limbo between my Instagram and blog, so I thought why not go ahead and share the entirety of the looks here.

To kick things off again, here are one of my favorite past looks. As of late, slips have become a solid staple piece of mine. They are extremely versatile and I love the effortless, relaxed look it relays. Below I styled it with a thick black faux suede choker and thigh high boots. On other days, I throw a leather moto over the look and wear it with my creepers for an entirely different vibe. You can go from a delicate feminine look to a tough chic look in an instant. I recently purchased a dreamy slip from Are You Am I that I will be posting soon as well. Also, slips are probably one of the most comfortable pieces to wear.

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The All Flower slip / Public Desire boots / Photography by Ryan Chua


  1. Laura

    17 June

    Love this look!

  2. Linda

    20 June

    I’m excited for your blog post & vlog about your European trip! Glad to see you’re doing well. 🙂

    Linda || Typically Linda || Instagram

  3. W

    24 June

    The flowers were a really nice touch. Looking forward to the travel blog posts.

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